If you like Bert Jansch... then you should definitely check out the original soundtrack of Acoustic Routes on Amazon also available on iTunes and Kudos

Watch the new trailer on  YouTube now!

As a special audio preview to mark the forthcoming releases, click here to listen to Brownie McGhee describing to Bert Jansch the first song he recorded with Sonny Terry.

Listen to an interview with Billy Connolly on the Mark Radcliffe Show on BBC Radio 2.


UNCUT Magazine has just published its list of The 20 Best Films of 2013... so far, and,

Acoustic Routes is on the list!

So grateful thanks to all those who helped get it there!

Here is the list in full

NEWS - Donovan nominates Bert Jansch for Scotland’s Music Hall of Fame

Scotland’s Music Hall of Fame is an £8 million, privately funded project that will showcase the remarkable wealth of talent that Scotland has nurtured in rock and pop over the decades.

The first phase is expected to open in late 2014/early 2015, in Glasgow and music fans are now being encouraged to nominate their top three inductees to the hall of fame [see details below]

Among those contributing to the recent launch was Donovan;

“I’d like to see the great Bert Jansch featured. His influence is huge, stretching around the world, especially to the American singer-songwriters, and to myself.

He was born in Scotland, like I was; he moved away later in life and I moved at ten, but that didn’t make me any less Scottish in my upbringing and my musical tastes and my understanding of my roots.

My feeling is that this is needed, because the influence is extraordinary.”

To vote for your top three nominees into Scotland’s Music Hall of Fame, go to myhof3.co.uk. Watch more videos at YouTube or follow the project on Twitter – @smhof

News Update, May 28th May 2013

Following on from Acoustic Routes charting at No 94 in the official OCC chart, the box set has just gone up to No2 in the Universal Box Set best sellers list in the UK!

All over the place people are now busting their fingers on the new guitar tablature for Blackwaterside and Happiness Was Free!

From the heartfelt feedback and great responses from all those who have been to screenings, bought the DVD or the CDs, it is clear the film has resonated with many.

For those that are discovering Bert, Davey and Brownie for the first time, the music and the performances seem to be a bit of a revelation - and that is great to see.

So far Acoustic Routes has been screened in 21 cinemas across the UK from Shetland to Cardiff, and from London to Liverpool thanks to Music Film Network Distributors.

The next screening will be at The Holmfirth Film Festival, Tues 21st May.

Vinyl and Amazon News

News for vinyl fans - and many have been asking - discussions are afoot to get a 180 gram, gatefold version of the soundtrack released. As soon as we have confirmed details it will be posted here first.

To end here’s a quick round-up from the reviews posted on Amazon which we’d like to share:

‘Had the original TV show on video for years but made the mistake of giving someone a loan of it! This DVD is a great replacement with some very good additions to the original. So good I bought my brother one as well. He loves it as well.’

‘First Light is performed by Bert and John Renbourn and is the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard!’

‘An absolute must for Bert fans’

‘Billy Connolly is not just a familiar face here - he really loves this stuff. Bert's genius and modesty really shine through this, and you are treated to conversations and performances from such giants as Davy Graham, Wizz Jones, Archie Fisher and Hamish Imlach. This is the first official DVD release of this wonderful programme, and it's really not to be missed!’

‘At last it’s back. Now you can see it as it was really meant to be. Don’t miss it’.

Sincere thanks to all who have taken the trouble to write.

Solas Film Festival, Perth

For those attending the Solas Festival near Perth the film will be shown on Sunday 23rd June

Also showing is Bill Forsyth’s brilliant ‘Local Hero’.

For film trivia fans - the connection between ‘Local Hero’ and ‘Acoustic Routes’ is… the great sound recordist Louis Kramer.

Download News

Volume 2 of the Acoustic Routes Soundtrack is now available to download from Amazon

Also available at iTunes
and Kudos

News Update May 2013

Acoustic Routes and DUCK BAKER at A' the Airts, Sanquhar - SW Scotland

A special screening as part of the South West Picture Show music and film festival with a special guest appearance by Duck Baker who will introduce the film and perform.

The next day Duck will lead a guitar master-class – don’t miss this! These events are also in conjunction with Moniaive Folk Festival .

  • Screening
    Friday 10th May - 1pm
  • Masterclass
    Saturday 11th May - 10am

A rare chance to see, hear, and learn from one of the finest.

If you love the guitar and live within 100 miles… then you really need to go to this masterclass.

Duck’s short memoir on playing with the great Davey Graham is one of the gems to be found in the Acoustic Routes Box Set .

Venue details: A' the Airts , Sanquhar, Dumfries & Galloway. box office 01659 50514


Acoustic Routes will be screened in Sheffield at the Showroom Workstation
on Tues 14th May at 8.35 and at
The Holmfirth Film Festival 21st May – 7.30pm
and as part of the
Solas Festival
on 21-23rd June – near bonnie Perth.


Record Collector 'Beautifully filmed, captivating and poignant documentary'

and in Empire Magazine: ‘Gold for Folk Fans’

Listen to an interview with Billy Connolly on the Mark Radcliffe Show on BBC Radio 2

News Update DT 28th February 2013

We are delighted to announce that Acoustic Routes will be made available through Absolute Marketing and Distribution We are joining a roster of fine music titles that include Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny, John Martyn and Pentangle.

News Update 17th February 2013

The final dub and grade for ‘Walk On’ - featuring Bert and Brownie - has just been completed at Azimuth Post Production in London.

Thanks to Drew Stubbs for his attentive grade and Ken Williams and his masterful mix It looks and sounds just great!

As part of the restoration of Acoustic Routes it became obvious that the whole of the footage shot on the day when Bert and Brownie met in Oakland - a few days after the LA riots - simply had to made into a stand-alone film.

From Blind Boy Fuller, to Woody Guthrie, Lonnie Johnson, Leadbelly and of course, Sonny Terry… Brownie plays and sings the story of his life to Bert. ‘Two wrongs make a right… but we did it at the same time’

Filming only ended when the crew ran out of Eastmancolour Neg… and then ¼ inch mag.

No one who was there has ever forgotten that day.

Production News

Final DVD authoring is underway at 50/50 Post Production in London.

The graphics are almost finished.

The Cinema Posters have been posted out!

Check out the March edition of Folk Roots for Steve Hunts generous preview of the new film.

The new still was signed by Brownie McGhee at the Playhouse in Edinburgh, 3rd of June 1982.

News Update January 2013

In partnership with Picture House and Music Film Network, Acoustic Routes will be screening in selected UK cinemas in March! See details above.

The film will commence a 1 week run at the ICA in London from March 1st – further details to be announced soon so please check back.

Exciting SOUND NEWS! Two more stunning tracks that have never been previously released are being added to the Acoustic Routes soundtrack release.

The two tracks are:

‘Jones’, a great swing jazz composition by Davey Graham, with Duck Baker accompanying. Remarkably, this is only recording of these two great guitarists together. Recorded at The Troubadour, London.

The second track is ‘Paper Houses’ with Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. This is the only known recording of Bert and John playing this wonderful song. Recorded in San Francisco in 1992.

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